Monday, October 6, 2014

Silvia & Eric's Wedding, Charles Krug Vineyards, St. Helena, CA

Silvia & Eric are an amazingly sweet couple, who were introduced to me through the ever-awesome A Touch of Grace Events. I'm so grateful for the connect, because Silvia and Eric's wedding was stupendous. Charles Krug is a breathtaking venue with so many wonderful nooks and crannies that a very full day photographing went by in a blink of an eye. I was especially impressed by the miniature bamboo forest, which yielded one of my favorite shots of the day. Silvia had three outfit changes throughout the day, each one more beautiful than the last. I was so fortunate to be able to take my time to capture every detail, as there really was so much to shoot. In fact, I'm pretty sure this was one of my highest capture weddings, which says a lot! In fact, I really couldn't have gotten it all done with out  my most esteemed associate Scott MacDonald, who got some of the killer pics below. Thanks Silvia, Eric, and the team. You guys were all wonderful to work with!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anna & Alex's Wedding, The Sunnyside Conservatory, San Francisco, CA

Anna & Alex found me from all the way in Canada! It was such a pleasure to have been their pick :) Their wedding was sweet, small and simple, but the details and ideas were all in place! The bride did a fantastic job on all the flowers. I was really impressed with her bouquet alone, but even the reception was dripping in florals. I was also surprised to find out that the bride's mother had made her red dress! I'm awed by natural talent, so it was wonderful to see that it ran in the family. The day started off with a few quick pictures at the couple's rental, and then it was off to the Japanese Tea Garden for a lovely walk in the park. We landed quite a few amazing shots as we strolled about. The immaculate gardens made for a magical and slightly surrealistic backdrop. A traditional tea ceremony at Sunnyside Conservatory then followed. I love Sunnyside as a venue, as it has wonderful natural light to work with. The evening ended with a potluck dinner, which I was lucky enough to partake in :) Thank Anna and Alex, it was a fun day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lindsay & Matthew, The Mark Hopkins, San Francisco, CA

Lindsay is a darling friend of mine, so when she asked me to photograph her wedding of course I said yes! The moment I arrived on site, I caught her in the act of reading our book club book, haha! As she said, it truly wasn't on purpose for the shoot, she'd just planned on attending our meeting the following Tuesday. Naturally, I had to get a snap of that. As it was, the literary note actually set the tone for the wedding, as the day opened up like a wonderful tale. Gale force winds were present for the first encounter, which made for some spectacular veil shots. Linds look like a goddess in gossamer, as the fabric swirled about her. Her stunning dress by Jim Hjelm was perfection. Matt looked fabulous in his tux, but his ring stole the show for me. The signet ring, an heirloom piece engraved with his family's crest, was once used to make an signature impressions on wax and other malleable mediums. From the Mark Hopkins we hoped on a cable car bus to Fort Point for some glam shots with the bridge, and then we were off to Saint Ignatius for the ceremony. To soften the anticipation, the girls cracked me up with some downward dog before the big show. After the ceremony we headed back to the Mark Hopkins Hotel (in a vintage Rolls Royce no less!) where the guests were showered with a vibrant musical experience by the Martini Straight Up band. It was a wonderful night with lots of shine and sparkle. Thanks Lindsay & Matt!