Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rosie & Anthony's Wedding, The Sunnyside Conservatory & The Waterbar, San Francisco, CA

Oh San Francisco, how lovely you are. From tip to toe, there's no place quite like this sparkling jewel of a city. Rosie & Anthony wanted to embrace this theme for their wedding photography, so from the ravishing red of the Golden Gate Bridge to the bright Bay Lights we had day full of San Francisco. Rose & Anthony were a blast to photograph with. Right from the start of the day I was thrilled to incorporate their lovely bird, Midori. Rosie's first love, Midori, was a wonderful model and his beautiful birdseed created a unique backdrop for Rosie & Anthony's gorgeous wedding rings. Rosie & Anthony chose Sunnyside Conservatory for their ceremony. The windows, which stretched from floor to ceiling, were breathtaking and gave me a great feel of lightness. After a charming ceremony, including a pinning of Midori's feather to Anthony's boutonniere, we were off to the Waterbar for their reception. So, from sky to sea, from birds to fish, and from bridge to bridge; it was a perfect day. My thanks to Rosie & Anthony for throwing a wedding full of color and fun, skipping flower girls, bubbles, and breath taking views.

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