Monday, January 27, 2014

Vivian & Andy's Wedding, Palmdale Estates, Fremont, CA

Vivian & Andy got my name from Fiona Tsang a wonderfully talented make up artist I've been working with this last year. I'm so happy Fiona directed me to them as they are such a sweet couple. Vivian & Andy came to me pretty late in their planning. I wasn't intending on being in the Bay Area at the time of their event but luck and happenstance allowed us to work it out. Their wedding took place on the gorgeous Palmdale Estates property. This massive and beautiful property has it all. Wonderful architecture, darling gardens, and charming details. The owners are very flexible, so Palmdale is especially well suited for couples who want to do something a little different. The last two weddings I've photographed there, including this one, involved carriages and horses, which lends itself well to a fairytale wedding style. I loved this couple's whimsical attitude, it was so much fun for me to photograph them. Thanks Vivian & Andy, it was a wonderful day!


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