Thursday, December 25, 2014

Laura & Aaron's Wedding, Point Sixteen, Big Sur, CA

This was a truly magical wedding, and I am just so pleased it also happened to be my cousin Laura's. A wedding on the coast of California can be a gamble; it can be windy, foggy, and unpleasantly cold, but for this day, it - was - perfect. I adored Laura & Aaron's venue, Point Sixteen, which, beyond it's stunning view, had so many amazing places to photograph. The eucalyptus grove beyond the bridal suite was particularly enchanting, and a great spot for the first encounter. As Laura walked down the path to meet Aaron I could feel the air tingling with a crackling electricity. Laura & Aaron are touched by such a sweet kind of nestled love, it's just so easy to love this couple in love, and incredibly fun to capture it. The ceremony was right on the bluffs of California and the dramatic backdrop was a perfect fit to their dreamy union. Fog was kissing the surface of the ocean, but the view was clear for miles. After the ceremony and as the sun set, the colors changed from bright blues to pinks, and I was forever in love with Big Sur. I really think I may have at some point in my life. The reception following was full of tears, laughter, and some of the most touching speeches I've ever heard. As night settled in, we danced and roasted marshmallows under the starry sky, it was just awesome. I really feel blessed that I got to be a part of this exceptional day. I love you guys (4evaCous)!

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