Monday, October 7, 2013

Krista & Paul "Pasta," Tuning Fork Ranch, Hall, MT

When my darling friends Krista & Paul contacted me to tell me they were engaged, I was ecstatic, and when they asked me if I would photograph their wedding, I think I dropped the phone. For those who truly know me, it comes as no surprise that I am an incredibly cheesy and hopeless romantic, so, for me to share such an experience with a couple who I feel so close to, made my heart hurt with love. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's cliché , but in all sincerity I cried several times before, during, and after the wedding. This wedding was sheer joy for me from the start to finish, and I just couldn't be happier than to release these beautiful images to "Pasta" (Paul+Krista=Pasta) and those who've come to follow my work and support my "raison d'être."

In regards to the wedding itself, what an amazing opus of imagination, talent, detail and warmth. Krista & Paul spent a great deal of time devising and executing every touch to create a vision of color and light that teleported their guests into a world much like Alice walking through the Looking Glass. Yet no detail was more grand, in my opinion, than the arbor made from a tunnel of branches that Krista's brother Cooper (and friends) built and bent to will an altar for Pasta's wedding. But even with such wonderful craft, on it's own Hall, Montana, 30 minutes from Pillipsburg, was the ideal picturesque backdrop for my cinematic concepts which we played out through the course of the day. From a first encounter at the large barn on the Johnson's Tuning Fork Ranch, to a picnic by the free standing blue door, and Hogan's classic feed store, every little adventure was a treasure filled with fun. And the sky. The glorious BIG sky that Montana is so notoriously known for, became a great theme in the shots, as it turn from baby blue to violet, to bruised magenta, and finally burst out in a storm that won't be forgotten by the brave guests that managed to weather it. It was the perfect wedding; an epic scene speckled with beautiful detail, laughter, rain and good spirits. I love you guys and thank you!

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