Monday, December 23, 2013

Courtnee & Armen's Wedding, Paradise Ridge Winery, Sonoma, CA

Courtnee & Armen's epic wedding at Paradise Ridge Winery came to me from Ali DiLuvio from Ali DiLuvio Events. Ali and I have had a good amount of collaborations this year and I can't wait to share another Style Shoot we did that also took place at Paradise Ridge, so stay tuned for that. Scott MacDonald was once again my proxy on this wedding, and did a phenomenal job. Paradise Ridge has amazing photographic diversity, and Scott definitely took advantage of it. The sculpture gardens are a visual playground and there's nothing quite like having a first encounter under a 20 ft tall 40 ft wide LOVE sign! I was fortunate to shoot Courtnee & Armen's engagement session so I knew Scott would have a great time working with them. Certainly the end of the night pics were some of my favorite of the year. These guys know how to party, but I guess it's not too hard when surrounded by good food, friends, and wine. Thanks Courtnee & Armen & Scott!

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