Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Iliana & Derek's Wedding, Groezinger Estates, Napa, CA

Iliana, Derek, Grace, Matthew and Cooper, were a joy to work with this summer. Followed by a family engagement session that was full of high energy and play, I knew this wedding would be memorable. I loved the intimacy of Groezinger Estates, nestled neatly in Napa, and even though it was late summer, fall was in the air. The light was beautiful that day, so I really enjoyed playing with the shadows, highlights, and rays when I saw a good opportunity to use them. Again, I had a blast everyone, and the kids were all very charismatic and sweet. I especially liked Coop and Matthew's name donning shoes, which was and is a great detail for kids or groomsmen :) It was a gorgeous day for a wonderful couple and beautiful family.

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