Friday, October 23, 2015

Ann & Jon's Engagement, Legion of Honor & Presidio, San Francisco, CA

It's a funny thing about serendipity. Ann & Jon got engaged just a short time before I was introduced to them at my good friend's wedding. After meeting with me they booked me for their upcoming wedding in June. I'm sure, in time, we would have met through our mutual connections, which are pretty ample!, but fortune pushed us together at a great time, and now Ann & Jon feel like awesome new friends, with photography benefits ;). For Ann & Jon's engagement session we wanted to keep things light and breezy. I've been pushing myself this year to find a clearer voice and style in my work and I think I hit my stride with this shoot. Ann & Jon we're very supportive in encouraging my creativity, so I was conscious of trying some new things, seeing light in different ways, and playing with my cropping and angles. I did a touch of double exposure and lens manipulation, which was also super fun. All in all, I had such a fantastic time, and am just over the moon that I'm going to get to work with them again soon. Thanks, Ann & Jon!

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