Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colleen, Tommy & Caroline! San Francisco, CA

I love shooting littles! I've been so fortunate these last few months, as I've been shooting a lot of kids, and it's been a fun deviation from events. I especially love it when my past brides and grooms contact me for family photography. It's really nice to reconnect, see their new family, laugh, chat and have a stress free adventure. I'm honored to capture the simple, beautiful, moments of family that we sometimes take for granted. These are the pictures that make a house a home and I love that. Colleen & Tommy are wonderful clients and we had an amazing time shooting amidst the rolling hills of San Francisco. I picked Glen Park because the mustard greens were in bloom, which was great because Caroline loves to play in nature. It really was such a pleasant day, and filled with a lot of love. Thank you Colleen, Tommy & Caroline!

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