Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yui & Naoki's Adventure Day, San Francisco, CA

Sometimes, when a potential client approaches me for my photography they'll ask me why I love what I do, and I tell them that it's because photography allows me to write a story. I get to create something that feels poetic and cinematic while capturing a part of their personal history. There's nothing quite like it. I am constantly humbled that people pick me for the job. However, when I have the opportunity to do an adventure day session, I am bowled over with bliss. It's a brave choice, as my clients agree to essentially "trash the dress," but this choice lifts all photographic limitations that may have been in place the day of the wedding, so the shoot becomes editorial with extraordinary photo-journalistic touches. And anything, absolutely anything, goes. Yui and Naoki are the special type of couple that really understood what they could do if they opted for an adventure day with me. Carpe Diem! I am in LOVE with these gorgeous images and ecstatic and Yui and Naoki braved the world of wind and water for a new kind of wedding story; impossible to forget. I am so privileged to have the opportunities I've had and seen the things I've seen in my work. Thank you Yui and Naoki for exposing me to the beauty of this day.

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