Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Emily & James's Wedding, Monte Verde Inn, Forresthill, CA

So, what do you do when you have an amazingly creative couple, with a ton of cool details, a fantastic venue, and incredible sense of ease in front of the camera? You elect to show about 50 images on your blog. Emily and James = Amazing. After a remarkable engagement shoot, I knew I would have just as much awe and inspiration to work with for their wedding. Emily is a graphic designer, and James has a passion for music, so the combination, of course, created melodic design. My favorite detail, however, was Emily and James's wedding invite, a 7" LP styled after the Beatles's album, "A Hard Day's Night". The photography on their invite was proudly mine, but the design was, again, entirely Emily. I also LOVED the ribbon curtain and florals provided by none other than the fabulous Martha Andrews from Blooms by Martha Andrews. I could go on and on about every glorious touch, but it'd make for a verrrry long post. This was a remarkable wedding, with probably the sweetest first encounter I've ever seen. And while editing, I had to step away several times as my eyes welled up again and again! I loved the light and color of this wedding, a true inspiration for my future couples to follow. Thanks Emily and James's, from the bottom of my heart :).

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