Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dionne & Justice, Admiral Kidd Naval Base, San Diego, CA

When Dionne & Justice approached me about shooting their wedding, I was so happy to hear that two of my friends had gotten engaged! Alas, I was also remiss that I had already booked the date in New York with Gino & Tony. But after a quick introduction to my fabulous associate, Scott MacDonald, Dee & Justice were determined to stick with the Sonia Savio Photography team. After seven years of shooting wedding photography, I have learned the importance of creating relationships with great shooters. Scott is a great shooter, an amazing friend, and I am so proud to have him as part of my team. So while I jetted to New York, Scott flew to San Diego. Dee & Justice wanted to have their guests breathe in the beauty of San Diego so they chose a special spot with one of the most remarkable views of San Diego I've ever seen. Dee was a total knock-out in red lipstick and fun sliver shoes, and I loved the vintage ship that so serendipitously passed by the Naval Base during the ceremony. And, even though I wasn't there, Scott's remarkable capability to capture photojournalistically certainly made me feel like I was the one clicking away. Scott, as always, you never cease to amaze, Dee, you glowed, and Justice, I loved the bow tie ;)

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