Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gino & Tony's Honeymoon, New York City, NY

When my darling couple Gino and Tony told me that they'd decided to elope for their wedding, they happily invited me to join them in New York for a honeymoon photo session. I was tickled pink for the opportunity to shoot them again and ecstatic that it would be in "the big apple." So, one plane ride later, the epic adventure began! New York is a city full of color and life and I wanted to embrace that for the shoot. We stared off at the Waldorf Estoria Hotel and chased down a cab, to make our way to Central Park. I've always loved Central Park; how it merges nature and architecture in such a harmonious way, and Gino and Tony fell right into the romance of the park. We decided to take a carriage ride, which was wonderfully cinematic; and I got to check off an item from my bucket list! We concluded the day with a vista of the city from Brooklyn Bridge Park. As dusk floated down in a gorgeous violet light and the summer's day heat ebbed into a cooling night, I felt overwhelmed by gratitude for what I do and the couples I get to meet. Thank you Gino and Tony. I'll never forget your kindness, your love for one another, and my incredible happiness to be there with you both.

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