Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New Queensberry... ::sigh::

I am very excited to present this brand new album by Queensberry. Known as the Duo, it combines traditional elegance with modern design. It's a truly exciting chapter in my album collection. 
This Queensberry cover features a buttery black micro leatherette cover with a title window. Queensberry has a plethora of cover options, including a variety of color combinations and a photo option, where a photo can be placed in the text box, or to cover part/all of the cover.

Queensberry prides itself in design elegance, which I lobe, as I enjoy attention to detail.

One can barely detect Queensberry's embossed logo on the inside page, but I consider it a beautiful design touch.

This overlay page is a wonderful way to introduce the viewer to your album. The translucent overlay page gives you a hint of the picture behind it while announcing the book. Some clients also choose to have an introduction page with either a wedding announcement or a copy of the program embedded into the matt.

The opening photograph sets the tone of the album. This is the only page that breaks with the chronology of the wedding within the album.

This is the official start of the album. I wanted to show off some of the gorgeous details that were part of Tracy and Jeff's wedding, along with a full "flush page" of the rings. This page is a perfect example of Queensberry's Duo Album, which combines the traditional window matt page with the more modern flush mount style. 

There are no size restrictions with Queensberry so I can create any size window for the photos. Traditional albums try to force you to stick with standard photo sizes, such as 2x3, 4x5, 4x6, 5x7 etc. With Queensberry's Duo I don't have to worry about that.


 I had so much fun with this page. Tracy's ring was a unique blue diamond, so I decided to do a blue color-wash on the images and split the page with Tracy on one side (with the ring) and Jeff on the other (with the rock). One rock vrs another!

The start of the ceremony...

This picture reminds me of the Beatles, so I wanted to design this page as if it was inspired by an album cover.

I love off angles and perspectives and I tried to play that up using the design to combine my traditional, photo-journalistic, captures with a more contemporary shot.

This album showcases Queensberry's Duo matting. This photo was flush to the edge of the album vertically, but had matted edges. This really re-defines album standards and is Queensberry's Duo at it's best.

Mixing detail pictures in to the ceremony pages brings poetry to the moment.

The ring exchange and the kiss are anticipated moments. With this layout, I wanted to emphasize the grandeur of it.

Family and bridal party pics are a must in any album, but I love that the Duo can make any page look dramatic.

LOVE :).

This picture shows Queensberry's window matt and binding.

A transition page. Classic end to the couple's walk and opening start to the reception.

The reception and speeches.

Dance the night away...

Let them eat cake!

This final shot closes the album. With the final page, I always try to end on a quiet, yet high note.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lucy and Josh, Mayacamas Ranch

This was a truly amazing venue. Epic Sonoma at it's best. Mayacamas is up a hill and into a valley, with sweeping views and rolling hills. The wedding coordinator, Marilyn Ambra, really knows what she's doing. Every detail, from the ceremony programs to the lighting in the circus style on-site tent was given stupendous attention. This venue is in my top 5!

Jennifer and Josue, Hotel Los Gatos and Opera House, Los Gatos

This was a beautiful wedding, gorgeously elegant. Jennifer was stunning in a slip of a dress with great personal details, and Josue looked like he was ready to be in GQ with his fabulous black tie. I love venues that allow for a lot of play.  There were a lot of "prop" opportunities here, such as the yellow wall and the gate, that offered some cool perspectives which really appeal to my aesthetic.

Liz and Paul, Stanford Park Hotel, Menlo Park

I photographed a series of weddings with Jennifer Paschal this year. This wedding was one of my first with her. I found out, about midway through the wedding that I indirectly knew the bride's family, which was a fabulous surprise. Liz and Paul are a dynamic and fun loving couple. I had such a great time shooting this wedding! Stanford Park is a great venue. I love the patio area and the inside is very chic. I can't wait to shoot there again!