Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Diana & Owen's Wedding, New Orleans, LA

Diana & Owen are the kind of clients I aim to have all the time. From the jump, I felt like I was meeting up with friends. Even though neither of them are originally from NOLA, they are the embodiment of this city; welcoming, funny, warm, and charismatic. These are the kind of people you want to sit and have a drink with and talk to for hours. Plus they like David Bowie...and cats, so we had a lot to talk about. Really, I knew right away that this low-key, gorgeous backyard wedding was going to be amazing and I was not disappointed. Diana & Owen's house/venue is perfectly reflective of this unique couple. It's funky and colorful, elegant and stylistic. It's the kind of house built from a child's imagination, a thing of dreams. Entering their house is like entering a bubble into their world, and their wedding was an expansion of that. It was a day full of play, with a fun first encounter at Seaworthy, followed by cocktails and stroll in the CBD. Back at the house, every window and door spilled with laughter and music. This was a gem of a wedding for me, a true and sincere pleasure, and I look forward to getting to know these two better :)

Coordinator: Bride & Groom
Florist: Poppy & Mint
Venue: Bride & Groom's home
Caterer: Grand Events with Kenny LaCour
Bakery: Grand Events
Band: Harry Hardin,
Makeup: Bride
Hair: Buff Beauty
Dress: TBDress 
Shoes: Century Girl
Suit: Bonobos
Shoes: Brooks Brothers