Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chelsey & Mitch's Wedding, Dogpatch WineWorks, San Francisco, CA

I keep thinking that maybe the next wedding I shoot won't be as cool as the one right before it, but nope, I've just had some pretty remarkable weddings this year. So, yeah, I photographed something like 5,000 to 6,000 images for this wedding. For anyone who is a wedding shooter, you estimate that that that's about 3 times the average for wedding photography. I'm still a ninja and you can barely tell I'm there (hopefully) but I can't help it, I'm addicted to the sound of a shutter. So, consequently this is a long post with lots of images. 

With that said, wow, what a wedding. Chelsey is in the event industry, so I knew the details were gonna be off the hook, and yup, they sure were. Dogpatch Wineworks was perfect. I loved the mix of romance and industry, which this wedding reflected in such a beautiful way. We had some phenomenal photography opportunities that day, so I took advantage of every moment; striving to get that epic feel that's so addicting for my creative bones. It was a wonderful coincidence that an event Chelsey was running was happening just down the hill from the venue, so we did indulge in a longer sunset walk which yeilded some remarkable pics, not to mention some funny shots of her directing on site at her gig (got to squeeze in the work when the opportunity arrises). Anyways, this one was really awesome. Such a great couple and such an amazing day. 

Coordinator: Victoria Vaden from Carrie Dove Catering
Makeup: Ellis Von Hampton from Ellis Five Star
Hair: Staci Hall from Edo
Dress/Salon: Lovely Bride 
Shoes: Jimmy Choo