Friday, June 3, 2016

Joanna & Adam's Wedding, Trentadue Winery, Geyserville, CA

Joanna & Adam's wedding was as sweet as could be. These two have a darling chemistry, which was really evident from their emotional first encounter. I adored photographing at the Hotel Healdsburg followed by Trentadue Winery, as both venues offer excellent backdrops for photography. I was also ecstatic to work with a great team; Cierra Lockwood, an excellent planner from Dreams on a Dime and Scott MacDonald, my accompanying photographer. Knowing that I had good people behind me, I pressed myself to try some new stuff, namely working almost entirely with fixed lenses, which paid off. Scott also played around with some very cool double exposure and lighting effects that really rounded out the more contemporary and artistic stuff I'm looking to do more of. This was an awesome wedding; elegant and grand, heartwarming and fun. Thanks Joanna & Adam!