Monday, June 15, 2015

Lauren & Brad's Wedding: Part 1 of 2, Marin headlands Center For the Arts, Marin CA

My darling Lauren & Brad are two of my dearest friends. I desperately need to start doing double posts for my clients and so I'm starting here. This is an early "part one of two" blog post as a sample of their wedding at the gorgeous Marin Headland's Center for the Arts, which was just this past weekend. There'll be a good wait for the next post, but I'm happy to share these pics today for these two love-bugs! xoxo L&B have fun on your vacay!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Darleen & Szymon's Wedding, Holy Name of Jesus Church & Audubon Tea Room, New Orleans, LA

My very first wedding in New Orleans is officially done! It's a new era now :) This next year is my catch up year. The plan is to to slow down, and be really selective about the weddings I take on, but when Darleen called to ask if I would photograph her wedding, I emphatically said "yes!" Darleen and I met at our alma mater, Tulane University in NOLA. A Tulane die hard, Darleen wanted to have her wedding as close as she could to campus, so she and Szymon went right next door to Holy Name of Jesus Church. What an incredible location! The tall vaulted ceilings and unbelievable details made for a gorgeous backdrop to their wedding. After the wedding we went on a walk around the area. Umbrellas became fun props, as it was a little rainy that day, but we were not to be deterred. Of course we HAD to take pictures with the Tulane sign as well as a few very cool street car shots.  The reception, complete with traditional Polish dancers and a NOLA second line led by the Big Fun Brass Band, was at the stunning Audubon Tea Room. We finished the day off at the Audubon Zoo (thanks HNJ Weddings for getting us in!), where the weather stayed in our favor just long enough for me to fool around with some "double exposure" shots. I could not have asked for a better wedding, or couple, to jump start my new chapter as a cross country destination photographer. Thank you Darleen & Szymon, what a blast!