Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarah & Ari, URJ Camp Newman, Santa Rosa CA

This was a wild wedding! As a San Francisco native, I used to go to summer camp in the Santa Rosa Hills, so I felt at home at URJ Camp Newman. This was another wedding that highly benefited from a venue pre-scout. The property was expansive, so without having come before hand and driven around we wouldn't have come across half of the fun stuff that we we're able to incorporate into the wedding day pictures. I just about jumped over the moon when I first saw and then was able to use the camper's teepees! That said, the big "score" for me were BARNS! I love barn shoots. Love them. Nature shoots in general really appeal to me, but put a barn there and I'm a happy "camper." And it was a riot when Ari popped out of the top window surprising the girls down bellow. It was just such a fun a joyous day full of small joking moments and awe, including a flash mob dance for the bride and groom! I really felt like I was part of a big family there. Ari and Sarah did an amazing job with making their wedding warm and familial, elegant and beautiful. Thanks guys :)