Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scott & Eric's Wedding, Thomas George Estates, Healdsburg, CA

Ahhh love! These two charming gentlemen stole my heart right from the Aloha. I was so excited when, all the way from Hawaii, Scott reached out to inquire if I would shoot his wedding to his long time partner Eric. As I've mentioned on numerous occasions over the years, I've been so blessed to see the fruition of two peoples' love grow despite all obstacles. In sickness and in health, through war and political injustice, love prevails. Every couple has a story to tell and I adore that my job is to create a milestone of remembrance in their lives. For me, this summer has released such a world of joy to so many people that it has humbled me. I am a happier person and photographer with this change in history burgeoning around me. As for Eric & Scott well, they were amazing to shoot. Mostly because, in true Hawaiian spirit, they were so laid back about my work I may as well have just shot their wedding from a lazy boy. That said, I didn't, and they certainly got a kick seeing me crawl around on my belly to get "the shot." But it really was all fun and games right from the start. A classic wedding with a twist, debonaire buffoonery that just made me laugh out loud all day. I loved the touch of Hawaiian culture with the exchange of leis and a birdseed send off. But as easy going as the wedding was, the reception was breathtakingly detailed to perfection. The view from Thomas George Estates is easily one of the best in the Sonoma-Napa area, but their wine cellar! Oh my, oh my. This stunning cave glowed and sparkled, dripping details from Encore, spilling music from Ever Music, all the while being held together gracefully by Grapevine Catering. "Mahalo and a hui hou" Scott & Eric. Thank you and until we meet again!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rosie & Anthony's Wedding, The Sunnyside Conservatory & The Waterbar, San Francisco, CA

Oh San Francisco, how lovely you are. From tip to toe, there's no place quite like this sparkling jewel of a city. Rosie & Anthony wanted to embrace this theme for their wedding photography, so from the ravishing red of the Golden Gate Bridge to the bright Bay Lights we had day full of San Francisco. Rose & Anthony were a blast to photograph with. Right from the start of the day I was thrilled to incorporate their lovely bird, Midori. Rosie's first love, Midori, was a wonderful model and his beautiful birdseed created a unique backdrop for Rosie & Anthony's gorgeous wedding rings. Rosie & Anthony chose Sunnyside Conservatory for their ceremony. The windows, which stretched from floor to ceiling, were breathtaking and gave me a great feel of lightness. After a charming ceremony, including a pinning of Midori's feather to Anthony's boutonniere, we were off to the Waterbar for their reception. So, from sky to sea, from birds to fish, and from bridge to bridge; it was a perfect day. My thanks to Rosie & Anthony for throwing a wedding full of color and fun, skipping flower girls, bubbles, and breath taking views.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Amanda & Ethan's Wedding, Brix Restaurant & Gardens, Napa, CA

Amanda & Ethan were referred to me by my good friend, Matt Guyot, from Brix Restaurant & Gardens. To my excitement they booked me sight unseen, based solely on the work I've done for Brix over the last several years. Going to Napa on the edge of fall is probably my favorite time of year to shoot in the vines. With the threat of heavy clouds and the grapes and vegetables glistening with rain from the night before, I was home. There's just no comparison to the smell and color of this gorgeous garden venue in early autumn. Amanda arrived in a wave of beautiful bridesmaids and we got straight to work shooting. Amanda & Ethan were a total riot right from the start, relaxed and easy to work with. Ethan was worried he'd shoot to serious, which was absolutely not the case, but then I found it pretty easy to tickle his funny bone when I needed to. The day only got more beautiful; the clouds started to part just as the ceremony started. As it turned dark the party was off like a shot! I was having such a great time I just had to stick around for a tiny slice of pie! Of course I didn't have much of a choice with the couple passing their own "cake" around to their guests. Thanks Amanda & Ethan, you were wonderful hosts and I had a ball!