Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colleen, Tommy & Caroline! San Francisco, CA

I love shooting littles! I've been so fortunate these last few months, as I've been shooting a lot of kids, and it's been a fun deviation from events. I especially love it when my past brides and grooms contact me for family photography. It's really nice to reconnect, see their new family, laugh, chat and have a stress free adventure. I'm honored to capture the simple, beautiful, moments of family that we sometimes take for granted. These are the pictures that make a house a home and I love that. Colleen & Tommy are wonderful clients and we had an amazing time shooting amidst the rolling hills of San Francisco. I picked Glen Park because the mustard greens were in bloom, which was great because Caroline loves to play in nature. It really was such a pleasant day, and filled with a lot of love. Thank you Colleen, Tommy & Caroline!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Linda & Brad's Engagement, San Francisco, CA

Linda & Brad are an exceptionally sweet and creative couple.  I needed a ride that day, and conveniently enough, Brad had an amazingly beautiful BMW convertible sports car to tote me around in! The car also came in handy as a gorgeous backdrop prop for a travel-themed style moment with vintage luggage. In fact, Linda & Brad really treated me to a photographer’s paradise of prop heaven. I felt very fortunate, and a bit spoiled by the creative opportunity. Linda & Brad are a wonderful match, I spotted right away that they are completely in step with one another and they brought that ease and love to the shoot. I very much look forward to the adventure that will certainly be their wedding! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Diana & Jonathan's Engagement, San Francisco, CA

Diana & Jonathan engagement session was pretty much as idyllic as it gets. Before meeting, Diana mentioned that she and Jonathan might need a lot of direction to feel comfortable for the shoot. Ironically, I think I ended up giving them less direction than any other couple I've photographed before. These guys were total naturals, and came to the session with such breeze and ease that it pleasantly surprised me. Diana stunned me with her pink chiffon dress and adorable bouquet, it was very appropriate for a spring shoot. The light was beautiful, the couple was amazing, and we got some really creative and fun shots out of the day all while having a great time. I really couldn't of asked for more! Thanks you guys, I'm looking forward to the wedding!