Monday, October 31, 2011

Chandra and Steve's Goregous Album

My Queensberry completed album stuns me again. This time white leather with a black text box= GORGEOUS. Queensberry's craftsmanship is impossible to beat. When I took this album out of the box and ran my fingers over the beautiful cover, I just knew my clients were going to flip! There is rarely anything more rewarding than seeing my work properly printed and bound. Chandra and Steve are a dynamic, fun, modern couple, and this album is a beautiful reflection of that. <>


Friday, October 28, 2011

Tara and Alex's Engagement Shoot, San Francisco, CA

This was an extended engagement session, which meant, we had a lot of time to play! Tara, Alex, and I squeezed into our car full of props and decided to find the most dynamic city backgrounds, really taking advantage of the heart of San Francisco. We found some really interesting corners in alleys and even a little greenery.

Kim and Daren, Holy Family Church, Napa

This was a gorgeous wedding. If perfection in the details, this wedding had quite a touch of excellence. I loved the flower drying guest favors! Kim and Daren were a fantastic couple eager to pursue some artistic photo options which led to some exciting pictures. Holy Family Church was a picturesque "white chapel," perfectly suited for this couple who traveled all the way from Philadelphia!


Sally and Oliver, Hotel Valencia, San Jose

Sometimes you don't have to travel far to get "destination" style wedding photography. Sally and Oliver found a great spot in San Jose. Hotel Valencia is a modern venue on Santa Row; a boutique shopping area. The Row was able to provide some amazing backdrops. In the span of three blocks we discovered a plethora of dynamic area's to shoot. I particularly love the red wall.