Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Emily & James's Wedding, Monte Verde Inn, Forresthill, CA

So, what do you do when you have an amazingly creative couple, with a ton of cool details, a fantastic venue, and incredible sense of ease in front of the camera? You elect to show about 50 images on your blog. Emily and James = Amazing. After a remarkable engagement shoot, I knew I would have just as much awe and inspiration to work with for their wedding. Emily is a graphic designer, and James has a passion for music, so the combination, of course, created melodic design. My favorite detail, however, was Emily and James's wedding invite, a 7" LP styled after the Beatles's album, "A Hard Day's Night". The photography on their invite was proudly mine, but the design was, again, entirely Emily. I also LOVED the ribbon curtain and florals provided by none other than the fabulous Martha Andrews from Blooms by Martha Andrews. I could go on and on about every glorious touch, but it'd make for a verrrry long post. This was a remarkable wedding, with probably the sweetest first encounter I've ever seen. And while editing, I had to step away several times as my eyes welled up again and again! I loved the light and color of this wedding, a true inspiration for my future couples to follow. Thanks Emily and James's, from the bottom of my heart :).

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sokha & Adam's Engagement, San Francisco, CA

This year I'm getting to work with some pretty awesome couples, a lot in part to Ali DiLuvio Events (Thanks Ali!), and Sokha and Adam are definitely part of the mix. These two have some serious San Francisco love, so of course we had to shoot at my favorite spot under the bridge at Fort Point. It made me particularly happy when they pulled out their Giants gear. GO GIANTS! How could I not love them! They were so playful and sweet together that it was easy to get those great candid shots that can sometimes be a little tricky. Good job on the shoot you guys :). I can't wait to rock at your wedding with you this Friday!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Iliana & Derek's Engagement with Grace, Matthew and Cooper, San Francisco CA

When Iliana and Derek chose me to photograph their wedding, one of Iliana's first requests was to have an engagement session with the kids, and so of course I said "YES!" At first Iliana was a bit nervous that everyone would cooperate, but I love playing with kids, and so that's what the photo shoot became. Playing games and joking around was the theme, and we all had a great time. Right off the bat, I hit it off with Grace, Matthew and Cooper. Grace is a photographer too, so I showed her some tricks and she suggested some cool poses, while Matthew and Cooper ran around and showed off their amazing athletic range, including super flexing and high jumps. We found a tiny door in a tree which was pretty magical and required serious investigation. This shoot was a fun and great way to be part of a new family coming together. I can't wait for more hijinx and antics at the wedding!